Frequently Asked Questions


Avalon Events Center


How does the day of my wedding work?

Our staff members are here each step of the way, your day is planned from start to finish in full detail with our wedding manager. Your room will be set up far in advance so any last-minute changes can be accommodated for you. We schedule a time that works for you to start decorating or setting up in your room for your wedding. Our entire staff are dedicated to you and will take care of any requests to make sure it is a success! After your wedding, the event staff will begin to clean, remove tables and chairs making your departure quick and easy. Your peace of mind on your wedding day is a priceless gift.  


How does the pricing work?

At the Avalon, we will prepare a mock invoice for you that will show the estimated cost of your wedding based on the number of guests, the room you select, the menu you choose and the liquor service you would like provided. We invite you to take a tour of our facility and discuss your wedding dreams with our wedding manager. We will work with you on selecting the right selections to meet your budget. At the Avalon, we are totally transparent with our pricing, there are no hidden charges or last-minute surprises. Our weddings range from $2,000 – $15,000, we truly can cater to any budget!


Do you have a place for the wedding party to get ready?

Yes! Our grand ballroom, the Millennium Ballroom features two amazing getting ready suites. The first suite is a room for the bride and bridesmaids to get ready, relax, and change. The suite offers enough space for all your clothes, your makeup, and your hair team. The second suite is located next door and is dedicated to the groom and groomsmen. This suite features a full bathroom, space for getting dressed while also relaxing in our lounge furniture. Breakfast and lunch may also be served in these suites while both parties are getting ready. You can also order mimosas or buckets of beer while you are getting ready or relaxing before the big day!


Where do our guests stay since there is not a hotel attached?

We have partnered with some of the best hotels in town that have amazing prices if they wedding is booked through the Avalon. When planning your wedding at the Avalon we provide you with a great list of preferred vendors including the partnered hotels. We have a great service where the Avalon limo will bring you and your guests back to the hotel at no cost when departing the Avalon. With your wedding booked at the Avalon you will get fantastic rates and other great incentives from hotels!


Will my guest count affect the room I picked?

Very much so! When planning on a ballroom for your wedding you want to be planning for all scenarios that may impact the capacity. For example, having a live band may reduce the amount of seating you had originally planned for. The style of head table(s) you have in mind or having your ceremony in the same room as your reception could reduce the seating capacity as well. Our wedding manager will ask you all these questions during the tours and detailing appointments while ensuring to make sure you get your dream wedding you have planned for. 


What do you provide for decorations or centerpieces?

We provide you with two sizes of our square beveled mirror tiles measuring in 6-in x 6-in or 12-in x 12-in along with an enclosed stainless steel base candle globe. We encourage couples to utilize our complementary centerpieces but also enjoy watching the creativeness that goes into their own decorations or centerpieces making each wedding that much more unique.


Are you currently giving tours?

Absolutely!  We welcome everyone to come in and see all we have to offer. Tours are free, no commitment needed, and it is a great way to fully envision your wedding. This is a perfect time to ask questions as you see all the ballrooms. Scheduled tours are preferred but walk ins are welcome.


Does each room have a set layout? Or can I make changes?

You will have the opportunity to sit down with our wedding manager and go over all the details and plans that you have in mind. After that detailing meeting the wedding manager will begin working in our room layout software that allows us to present to you a bird’s eye view of your personalized table layout. This software is a wonderful tool that allows you to help turn your vision into reality. 


Can we bring in our own food?

The Avalon Events Center is a licensed food establishment like a restaurant and bar, so all food and beverages need to be purchased through the Avalon. We do make an exception for your dessert, treats or snack items. (ex: candy stations, popcorn/pretzel stations or donut walls).


Do you have dates available?

We first need to determine if you need space for your ceremony and reception? Or are you searching for a ballroom for your reception? Next, we begin by requesting a guest count so you can select the right size of ballroom for guest count. The next step is choosing a date and locking it down! We are excited to help you plan your dream wedding here at the Avalon! 

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